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Our Boat-Lily

Lily on hoist.JPG

The boat we have chosen for the row is a Rannoch 25.  Built in 2019 and christened as Lily, she is a 24-foot ocean rowing boat with a beam of 5' 7", which is a rather small platform for a 2,800 mile row.  Lily has successfully completed 2 Atlantic crossings.  Lily's first crossing was in the 2019 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge with the brother and sister team, the Seablings. The Seablings were the first mixed sibling duo to row across any ocean   Most recently she carried Entrepreneurship from La Gomera to Antigua in the 2021 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  Entrepreneurship become the oldest pair ever to row across the Atlantic ocean. With 2 world records under her belt, Owen and Jayme know Lily is the right boat to take them across the Mid Pacific.  

Lily has two small watertight sleeping enclosures fore and aft and is designed to self-right in the event of a capsize. She is built for safety, not comfort, and is equipped with high-tech electronics such as solar panels, navigation and satellite communications equipment. In addition, we will have a water-maker, food supplies, a life raft and a bucket. As you can imagine, the bucket will be an important piece of equipment, as there is no bathroom on the boat! If the weather turns against us, we will have a para-anchor, a kind of underwater parachute that we will deploy to stop us from drifting too far in the wrong direction. 

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Campaigns

Lily in La Gomera in December 2019
The Seablings
lily 2019.jpg
Lily in Antigua in February 2022
The Entrepreneurship

Photo Courtesy of Atlantic Campaigns

Lily 2021.jpg
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