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Meet Jayme Linker

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Hello, My name is Jayme Linker and I am a proud Colorado native. I was raised on a farm and grew up with the most wonderful and loving family who to this day we do most things together.
How did I get to rowing the ocean from a landlocked state you may ask?...well, when I was twelve I started struggling with an eating disorder and now having struggled with it for over 2/3 of my life. I dedicated to take my experience to help others by pushing every last boundary I have to find my breaking points and push past them. Finding ones limitations and learning to overcome obstacles is where I find my strength and support to be able to help others from suffering like I have. This is why my charity is Eating Disorder Awareness and why I want to help make a difference.

In light of this, I have been an extreme adventure athlete for 12 years and what started off in the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) realm propelled me into seeking out some of the world's hardest events, among them was the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, and that is how I met Owen and Marianne.

Though the experience of the Atlantic voyage, I got to know these two and where their drives and passion for family aligns with mine so when I was asked to be apart of their team to row the Pacific, how could I say no. I get to now once again extend my family to become apart of theirs and I am thoroughly looking forward to the adventure that awaits us on the Pacific.

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