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Blog #12 - Second Week on the Pacific June 19-26, 2023

Today (June 26, 2023) at 7 am marked 2 weeks at sea for Owen and Jayme.  They continue to fight waves although the winds have been less of an issue.  They are wet and tired. They are down 1 auto helm and 2 oars, but are taking it in stride and being patient and conservative with their route planning.   It seems to be paying off and they are looking forward to joining the more favorable Tradewinds in the next week (fingers crossed in about 3-4 days).


Early on the goal was to get away from the coast and make any SW progress.  Over the past several days, the decision to get more west even if it means going slower has been the goal.  The route will not be a straight line its more of a curve south and then will need to do a straight west shot into the Hawaiian Islands.  So there is a balancing act of not going too slow or too south as who knows what the Ocean will have in store in another 1500 NMs or a month!  Need to be conservative at this juncture.  Not to mention Kauai is the northernmost island and previous rowers have come into the more southern islands, so a bit of unchartered territory.   


Over the last few days this is paying off and Aloha Kai is seeing benefits of more westerly progress hence much more efficiency and less risk later.  As a small team, Aloha Kai also has the benefit of knowing what is happening to the boats ahead of them.  This is helpful, but as a 2-person team they cannot expect the same results as some of the bigger teams.


During the week, they heard a grinding noise and found this wrapped around their auto helm before it went to autohelm heaven.  Bummer, but they have 2 more and are using them with care.  Not sure what the debris was. 

Not helpful for the autohelm. 

A big wave knocked open the oar gates and the tether didn’t hold and Owen watched an oar soar into the ocean and get pulled away by the currents.  They still have 4 oars, so all the planning and redundancy pays off.

Owen and Jayme are strong and staying positive.  They both are experiencing sore sit bones, but no sores, blisters, or injuries… just getting used to sitting on the rowing seat while getting jostled around!

Despite the equipment setbacks and getting used to long days of rowing, it was a productive week. They hope in less than a week they join the Tradewinds which will be more of a help and less of a fight.  Of course, that is the plan until mother nature comes up with another plan.  One day at a time!  Thanks for your support. 

Rainbow at Sea
Rainbow week 2.jpeg
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