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75/25 Pool-  Closed on July 9 at 10pm...
25 entries, $125 to Winner and $375 to Okizu!!!
Good Luck to all!  Here are the predictions:

Prediction Pool.png
And the winner is.......
Rosie Ritzman!!!! WOO HOO!  Thanks Mom for donating your winnings to Okizu!

Rules, Facts and Background:

  • You can enter as many times as you like for $20 per guess

  • Each guess is # of days, hours and minutes

  • $20 to guess, $15 goes to Okizu and $5 goes to the winner who most closely predicts arrival time. Enter your guess and then donate $20 (please add 75/25 pool in the memo) at   You can also give Marianne cash or Venmo if you want.  Email, if you need assistance.

  • Enter your guess is spreadsheet at this link.  If you cannot use a shared document, please email your guess to ( Days, hours, minutes)

  • This is highly advantaged as the pool will close when Aloha Kai reaches the halfway point, giving you approximately 300 miles until we close the pool.  This will be adjudicated using the YB tracker.  When the distance to finish is 1066 miles, the pool will close.  Get your guesses in ASAP!

  • We highly recommend you use the YB tracker to help you with your guess.  Note: the predictor on the tracker changes frequently and assumes the team rows in a direct line and at the same speed as the last 24 hours or the whole race.

  • Here is some history on previous rows:

    • No ocean rowers have ever rowed into Kauai.  This will be the Northernmost arrival of a mid Pacific Crossing.

    • Only 10 pairs teams have rowed the Mid Pacific (none to Kauai and start point varies)

    • Fastest pair (2 men) is 39 hours, 4 hours and 46 minutes (2016)

    • Fastest pair (2 women) is 46 hours, 17 hours and 47 minutes (2016)

    • Fastest pair (mixed) is 53 days, 23 hours and 43 minutes (2014)

    • Slowest is 191 days (1974), next slowest is 82 days, 13 hours and 54 minutes (2 men- 2018)

    • Average (removing the 191 days) is around 58 days.

  • Other places for data of other teams (solos, trios, fours)

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