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Blog #14 - World's Toughest Row Fleet Update- July 2, 2023
19 Days Surviving on the Pacific Ocean!

Our fleet has truly begun to find its stride on the wide Pacific expanse. Most of our teams have edged far enough west, beyond the unruly seas of the voyage's initial phase, and have settled into a steady pace. A speed 2 knots is now the norm, while several are even nudging past 3 knots!

With a favourable long-term forecast, we’re looking at some potential record breaking performances in the inaugural World’s Toughest Row - Pacific! But let's not forget - this race isn't just about speed, it's a battle of endurance. Each rower is burning up to 5,000 calories a day with the most common routine being 2 hours rowing and 2 hours sleeping on repeat. Could you imagine taking on that schedule?! They are fuelling their journey with a carefully curated mix of freeze-dried meals, ready-to-eat meals and snack packs loaded with treats.

Although it's been a tough ride, our rowers are holding up well. They may be sore but their spirits are high, and their health is good. Broken oars, a damaged daggerboard, and a faulty rudder have been the main technical issues - but these have been met and managed with resolve!

On the tracker we will soon see all crews charting a direct course toward Hanalei, as those at the rear of the fleet start to make their turn. The initial turn might seem slow, but it's a strategic investment to position them perfectly for the approach. Behind the scenes, our Duty Officers have been in frequent contact with the crews, offering advice, guidance, and working closely with the two USCG groups along the route.

For our rowers, their journey across Pacific Ocean is far from over. Join us as we check in to see the highlights from our daring teams!


Kiwi Fondue - 850NM to go! Leading the Fours

Fours · R45 · IG - @kiwifondue

Our frontrunners, Kiwi Fondue, have hit a major milestone this week - they're officially over halfway through their journey! The elements have put them to the test, with an odd bout of weather microclimates from friendly tailwinds to a flat calm waters. Our trailblazers remain undeterred and ever-driven.

Ocean Warrior - 930NM to go!

Fours · RX45 · IG -

Ocean Warrior have faced some slow conditions over the past few days, but they're not letting it break their stride. As they battle against heavy, demanding seas, they're embodying the 'warrior' in their team name with every stroke of the oar!

Pacific Discovery - 1132MM to go!

Fours · R45 · Pacific Discovery

There's never a dull moment on board Pacific Discovery. They've been celebrating 6 months to go until Christmas with a secret Santa gift exchange. They also managed to catch Mahi Mahi fish! They're feeling the exhaustion, but it's clear they're having a blast out there!

Pacific One - 1154NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Pacific One

Pacific One are experiencing good winds and choppy waters, optimising every wave to their advantage. They've even established a daily ritual: "What's your beef?" and "What's your boost?" - a great tactic for fostering team positivity when you’re spending 24/7 around your teammates!

Ohana - 1173NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Team Ohana - Pacific 2023 & Foar From Home - Atlantic 2021

Ohana's team morale is sailing high amidst the challenge! Even after five days of overcast weather, which has put a strain on their solar-powered equipment, their spirit remains unbroken. Now they're benefitting from favourable winds that are pushing them forward - every cloud really does have a silver lining.

Brothers ’N Oars - 1325NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Brothers N' Oars

Sing-a-long on the high seas! Brothers 'N Oars celebrated their third week with a spectacular ukulele rendition of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow'. And let's not forget, Barney celebrated his birthday rowing under the wide-open sky, making it a truly unique birthday to not forget!

HODL - 1326NM to go! Leading the Trios

Trio · R45 · HODL

Team HODL have surged ahead and overtaken Row Aurora, claiming the lead of the Trios. They said that they are “determined to make friends and family proud”, and we are certain they have already done that! They’ve had some unexpected hitchhiking flying fish onboard this week! It's safe to say they've got some serious stories to tell when they dock.

Row Aurora - 1340NM to go!

Trio · R45 · Row Aurora

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?! Dawn celebrated her birthday in style with cake and candles this week. They also savoured a watermelon that had been stowed away, the taste of fresh food provided huge boost to their spirits.

Team Antigua Island Girls - 1376NM to go!

Trio · RX45 · Team Antigua Island Girls

They're far from their Caribbean homeland, but the Antigua Island Girls are bringing the heat on their own! They're pushing forward, demonstrating their immense strength and spirit. While the journey is far from easy, they're making progress. We're all cheering for you!

Ocean’s 4 - 1470NM to go!

Fours · DOR34 · Ocean's 4

As the temperatures become milder and they no longer have to brace against the waves, Ocean’s 4 spending their time maintaining their boat and enjoying their playlists. They're finding joy amidst the journey, proving that
attitude really is everything when you're out on the open ocean.

Aloha Kai - 1501NM to go! Leading the Pairs

Pairs · R25 · Aloha Kai 2023

Despite overcast skies, their determination remains high - a testament to their resilience. Owen and Jayme have even managed to squeeze in some housekeeping, cleaning their hull amidst the immense expanse of the Pacific and are making very good progress!

Pacific Floaters - 1552NM to go!

Pairs · R25 · Pacific.floaters

Our incredible duo are riding out the waves and embracing the adventure as they eagerly anticipating the warm, sun-drenched days that await them closer to Kauai. The weather for the back of the fleet is overcast and damp as ever! Go Floaters,

you’ve got this


Flyin’ Fish - 1786NM to go!

Fives · R45 · Team FlyinFish

Our fantastic five are facing everything the Pacific has to throw at them - wind, waves, and even actual fish! Amidst it all, they're making a concentrated effort to move Westward into more favourable conditions. It's been a wild ride, with Andy getting thrown off his seat no less than four times in huge waves!


Row4ALS have safely made it back to the shores of California following their decision to terminate their row.

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