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Blog #13-  Fleet Update #3 from World's Toughest Row

June 26, 2023


Broken Oars, Swimming in the Pacific, and a Mid-Ocean Helicopter?!

It’s been a whirlwind ride for our 14 teams since our last update. 49 incredible humans have been at sea now for over 14 days! While the previous days were marked by brutal beam seas and towering waves, a new challenge has emerged - scorching heat and mirror-flat seas that feel like rowing through thick treacle. The conditions may have changed, but unforgiving Mother Nature remains as challenging as ever.


Our adventurous rowers have embraced rhythm of ocean life, and have adjusted to the full routine of life on the ocean! As they navigate the highs and lows of this journey, they're experiencing a mix of soreness, fatigue with varying levels of adjustment. Some of our rowers are relishing every moment of being at one with nature, while others face their own personal and unique challenges with unwavering perseverance. We're keeping a close eye on our teams through regular communication and their progress is being carefully monitored.


Looking ahead, the winds that were once fighting against them will now become their ally. Trade winds coming from the east promise to bring good speeds as the crews adjust their course towards the finish line. The changing weather conditions and the progress made by the teams have sparked a newfound momentum!


Let’s catch up with our teams!


Kiwi Fondue - 1242NM to go! Leading the Fours

Fours · R45 · IG - @kiwifondue

Kiwi Fondue continues to maintain the lead they’ve held since since the start of the race! Amidst their journey, an unexpected sight of helicopter flying overhead took them by surprise (video on IG)! The helicopter was launched from a nearby military vessel and they Navy wished them good luck over comms! Quite an incredible spectacle, right?! They are feeling a deep bond to the wilderness of the ocean and are loving the experience.


Ocean Warrior - 1293NM to go!

Fours · RX45 · IG -

Over the last few days, Ocean Warrior have managed to fix one of their broken oars! In the very first week after facing tough conditions and suffering several knockdowns, they were left with three broken oars meaning up until now they have only been able to row with two team members. This could be a real game changer now they can get back up to three on the oars. Keep your eyes glued on our tracker!


Pacific Discovery - 1495NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Pacific Discovery

Let's hear it for Pacific Discovery! Cam, Stu, Andrei, and Theresa are relentless, successfully fending off Ohana and keeping a steady pace. The early morning hour shifts of 02:00 and the afternoon shifts in the hot sun are the least favourite on board, but they're battling through. On the equipment front, they're down two auto helms, crucial for maintaining a course. However, they're well-prepared with two spare helms still onboard!


Pacific One - 1520NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Pacific One

Here comes Pacific One! Since our last update they’ve overtaken Ohana. Recently they’ve been grappling with very still waters – a rower's nemesis! These conditions make it very hard to row. But guess what? The sun has finally made a welcomed appearance! This not only boosts their spirits but also keeps up the power on their navigation, water production, and communication systems.


Ohana - 1522NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Team Ohana - Pacific 2023 & Foar From Home - Atlantic 2021

The fantastic four of Ohana are keeping things steady with zero sea-sickness! And, we're told, Mat has the snack schedule down to an art. Similar to Pacific One, their days have seen them encountering some unusually flat seas, which they describe as 'glassy, and as flat as they’ve ever seen, making progress slow.


Brothers N’ Oars - 1635NM to go!

Fours · R45 · Brothers N' Oars

Brothers 'N Oars have catapulted ahead, overtaking Row Aurora and Team Antigua Island Girls. Their earlier issue with water in the stern cabin is now history, as they've efficiently patched it up. They're enjoying a lucky streak with the weather – the winds have shifted to their favour, with calmer waters and clear, blue skies, paving the way for glorious sunrises and sunsets. A well-deserved respite!


Row Aurora - 1640NM to go! Leading the Trios

Trio · R45 · Row Aurora

There they go! Row Aurora is holding the fort in the Trio category. Adding to their magical adventure, Dawn, the skipper, just celebrated her birthday on the Pacific. They've tactically changed their route to make as much westward progress during calm winds, with plans to drop back when the winds pick up. And amidst all this strategising, they're finding joy in the journey, often having a group sing-a-long and cherishing the time they get to spend with each other.


HODL - 1659NM to go!

Trio · R45 · HODL

Our daring Trio HODL have overtaken Team Antigua Island Girls and are hot on the heels of Row Aurora. Reflecting on the experience, Luca recently shared, "Rowing an ocean doesn’t feel like an endurance sport physically as much as it feels like a mental endurance game. Your body gets used to it but your mind doesn’t!” Wise words and an insight into the world of an ocean rower.

Team Antigua Island Girls - 1675NM to go!


Trio · RX45 · Team Antigua Island Girls

Operation barnacle busting is in full swing with Team Antigua Island Girls! Christal took a dip into the depths of the Pacific, fully bundled, and started scrubbing down the boat. A clean hull means a smoother ride! Morale is skyrocketing as the ladies settle into the rhythmic pulse of the ocean. The groove of life on the waves is setting in.


Ocean’s 4 - 1747NM to go!

Fours · DOR34 · Ocean's 4

Big news - Ocean's 4 has overtaken Aloha Kai! A recent hull cleaning session tested their skill and nerve. Tied on and timed, the team performed a necessary maintenance task. Now, their focus is on navigating more westward. It's a test of strategy and endurance, and our team of four is ready for the challenge!


Aloha Kai - 1757NM to go! Leading the Pairs

Pairs · R25 · Aloha Kai 2023

Jayme and Owen are showing us the true spirit of resilience. After breaking one oar and losing a second to wild waves, they've had to adapt and overcome. They are still maintaining their lead in the Pairs division and making good progress. Keep going, Aloha Kai, your determination is inspiring!


Pacific Floaters - 1830NM to go!

Pairs · R25 · Pacific.floaters

It's a battle against the wind for our Pacific Floaters. With the strong west wind pushing back, heading east is proving to be a tough row. But Dewey and Cätschi aren't backing down! They recently spotted playful dolphins closeby to their boat, proving that even when conditions are challenging there's still beauty to be found at sea!


Flyin’ Fish - 1955NM to go!

Fives · R45 · Team FlyinFish

Congratulations are in order for Flyin' Fish! Their patience paid off when the ocean calmed enough for them to replace their broken rudder. This successful operation has put them back on track and full steam ahead. Every challenge overcome brings the finish line closer. With this victory behind them, the finish line seems just a little closer.


Row4ALS have safely made it back to the shores of California following their decision to terminate their row.

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