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Blog #2 - September 12, 2022

9 months until to race start and only 6 months until we need to have completed all our mandatory training!  Crazy how fast time is flying.


So what have we accomplished in the past month?  LOTS!!!  Owen has completed his mandatory California Boating license course.  Only course left is to do the mandatory Ocean Rowing Course, which we’ll do later this fall.


More exciting is we took delivery of Lily.  She arrived in Port Hueneme, CA on August 29 and Owen towed her back to Reno on September 1st.  One of the advantages of having had an ocean rowboat before is that Owen showed up in Port Hueneme with tools and backup gear for the boat transport.  And it turned out Owen needed a lot of the supplies he brought to Port Hueneme to safely get Lily back to Reno.  Trailer winch connection was completely broken off, tires were underinflated, and one of the radio antennas was detached.  Owen got it all sorted outside of the Port entrance and safely made the 525 mile trip back to Reno.

Lily arrival.jpg

Outside Port Hueneme Sept 1, 2022

Owen has since been focused on doing a complete inventory of Lily and the gear and immediately set about having necessary boat trailer repairs performed (welding required) and ordering needed mandatory equipment.  The initial assessment is that Lily is in great shape.  We are appreciative of the support of Guy Rigby from Team Entrepreneur Ship (TWAC 2021), one of the previous owners of Lily.  He has been super helpful in getting us acquainted with Lily.  While Lily is a Rannoch R25 just like Jack Keane, each boat has their own idiosyncrasies and prior ownership insight is invaluable.


But some of the best news over the past month is we are already receiving row sponsorship.  Safe Harbor Marinas has once again agreed to support our row by providing us with launching and parking for all of our training row out of Loch Lomond marina (San Francisco Bay).  When Owen was training for the Atlantic crossing, he did most of his training out of Safe Harbor Loch Lomond and they provided him so much support, including the Harbor Master, Pat Lopez, coming out to check on Owen to ensure his training row was going well.


Angel Island (San Francisco Bay) August 27, 2021

Stay tuned we hope to make a few more sponsorship announcements soon.  In the meantime, we ask you to share our journey with your families, friends, and anyone else.  Our goal is to reach 1,000 followers on our social media pages before the end of 2022.  Will you help us with this goal?

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