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Blog #10- First week on the Pacific
June 12-19, 2023

When Owen and Jayme (Team Aloha Kai) launched out of Monterey Harbor on Monday, June 12 they knew it was going to be tough with winds and currents trying to push them back to shore or to Mexico.  The Pacific Ocean lived up to its reputation and immediately got them wet with waves and winds on beam. It's been cold and they have been wearing their foul weather gear (see photos).

They have been battling unfavorable winds and high seas.  Fortunately, neither Owen nor Jayme have suffered seasickness (which is very common on the first week or 2 in events like this) and haven’t had any sores, blisters, or injuries.  Early on they were confronted with 15-foot swells which resulted in a knockdown and a broken oar (they have extras on board). Jayme was on the oars and Owen in his cabin and fortunately no one was injured, but they said it was scary.    

Jayme Week 1 Broken Oar.jpg

Jayme with the broken oar

They have been effectively using the para-anchor (almost daily) when conditions are pushing them back to California.  This allows them rest and recovery without losing ground, but it is frustrating to not be able to battle through the conditions. They expect the rough conditions to last another week. 

As planned, Marianne has been helping with navigation. Prior to the row Owen reviewed and consolidated data and routes from previous crossings and set a general plan of the “corridor” they want to stay in.  To date, they have stayed in the planned range being careful not to go too far South which will make future weeks more difficult  The larger teams can make more aggressive SW progress through conditions, but as a solo or pairs team, we expect the route to look squiggly, not a straight line—taking advantage of any SW progress adapted to the conditions.

Spirits are good and they are getting into their rowing schedules.  Hope to get more photos as conditions get better. 

Pacific Sky.jpeg
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