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Meet Marianne Gray

Hello!  I am Marianne Gray, Owen's wife.  In 2021/2022, I was the Owensrowing support team.  My initial duties were fundraising and trailer transport. I also worked with local media to get Owen and Okizu press coverage.  I helped procure food and packed his 85 snack bags, too! As Owen got to La Gomera, he transitioned social media and website responsibilities to me.  Early into the race, Owen "promoted" me to Navigator.  Daily I provided Owen with wind and current information, upcoming weather patterns and bearings. 

My role with Aloha Kai will be similar and promises to be more challenging as this is an inaugural race and less rowing resources.  I look forward to supporting Owen and Jayme as they prepare to launch from Monterey, while they row and greeting them in Kauai.

When not supporting Aloha Kai, I enjoy traveling, Pilates, hiking in the Reno/ Tahoe area with friends and our border collie, Torino, and sharing food and drink with friends and family. 

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