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Blog #8 - June 1-12, 2023 Monterey, CA

For those of you who know coastal California, June is traditionally June Gloom!  We have seen every variation of weather imaginable.  Monterey was foggy, rainy, sunny, windy and temperamental.   Of course, no ocean crossing of Owen’s can go without drama on land.  Here’s a summary of the 10 days of Monterey:

Owen left Reno on Thursday, June 1 towing Lily- Tire blowout on the trailer as he pulled into gas station near Benicia.  Lily was the last boat to arrive and as soon as Owen pulled into the boat park, they had the graphics team put on the race logos as the graphics guy had a plane to catch that evening unbeknownst to Owen. Lily looks fantastic and is probably the most photographed boat in the fleet!

Race briefings, food, equipment, gear, and boat inspections occurred and by Tuesday all boats were cleared for launch.  Lily was the first to be launched by the race organizers.  As they were backing her down the ramp, the winch released, and Lily slid off the trailer onto the ramp.  Much care and effort was taken that morning to get her safely back on the trailer and examined.  Fortunately, just some superficial scratches and after some patchwork repairs in the pouring rain, Lily was successfully launched and has been doing fabulously!

Marianne arrived on June 8. It has been so fun reconnecting with the ocean rowing community and race support as well as meeting new people from all corners of the world.   


Lily has been out 4 times now, for systems tests, running the water maker, photo shoots, media trips, etc.  Jayme was unable to go out on Friday due to some final work commitments and the Coast Guard would not allow solos to go out, so the race organizers agreed to let Marianne be the 2nd person. Apparently, Owen can’t row solo. HA HA!  It was an amazing day on Monterey Bay—otters, sea lions, seals, dolphins, etc.  Don’t worry!  I am still planning to be land support and will not sign up for an upcoming row!


On Friday, June 9, Marianne and Owen celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary as Owen will be rowing on the actual date in June.


There was lots of drama around race start.  There was talk about a 1 day race delay, but after adjusting the race start 3 times, the launch was scheduled for Monday, June 12 at 7 am!


On Sunday, Aloha Kai supporters gathered at Dust Bowl Brewing to greet Owen and Jayme and pass on their well wishes as well as get their Aloha Kai tees to wear at the start.  A tour of the docks and Lily were also on the agenda.  MB brought Owen and Jayme lei’s to kick off their journey with the spirit of Aloha!


On Monday, June 12 at 7 am, approximately 20 Aloha Kai fans and 100’s of others watched as the 14 rowboats left Monterey Harbor.  Owen and Jayme donned their leis and Aloha Kai on Lily was the first to boat.  Next stop Kauai!  

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