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Blog #23- August 4, 2023
Race summary from World's Toughest Row

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51 Days, 14 Teams, 1 Epic Challenge

On August 2, Flyin’ Fish crossed the finish line, marking the end of the inaugural World’s Toughest Row - Pacific 2023.  Just 51 days prior, we saw 14 crews of 49 rowers depart from the shores of Monterey, California on June 12, all united with a single mission - to row cross the Pacific. 2,800 miles across the ocean we witnessed 13 incredible arrivals with 13 teams of 46 rowers who successfully rowed the Pacific, and the safe return to land for team Row4ALS.

With all crews now safely ashore, we take time to look back on the first ever World’s Toughest Row - Pacific. Ian Couch, Head Safety Officer, reflected on the journey “We have seen that the Atlantic and Pacific are two very different experiences with their own challenges. The greatest pleasure of this job is not the destinations but seeing crews grow from the sign up, through training and inspections, the conversations at sea to stepping on shore. The whole thing is a journey. Not all rowers truly get it but those that do are changed for ever. This is brutally beautiful, honest and exposed. The greatest of challenges. It is not a fitness endurance event, it is you distilled. You are your actions not your words. That is the power of this event."

In the following days we share the closing thoughts from Race Director and CEO, Carsten Heron Olsen.

Join us in celebrating each and every one of our amazing Pacific 2023 teams!


Race Finishes

Kiwi Fondue 

Overall Winners  and World Record - Fastest Team to Row the Mid-Pacific Ocean 

29 days, 17 hours, & 29 minutes

Ocean Warrior

31 days, 17 hours & 12 minutes

Pacific Discovery 

World Record - Fastest Mixed Four to Row the Mid-Pacific Ocean  

34 days, 8 hours & 22 minutes

Pacific One 

35 days, 2 hours & 16 minutes


36 days, 3 hours & 49 minutes


Fastest Trio to Row the Mid-Pacific Ocean

38 days, 16 hours & 19 minutes


Brothers N’ Oars

39 days, 4 hours & 28 minutes


Row Aurora

Women’s Class Winners and  World Record - Fastest Female Trio to Row the Mid-Pacific Ocean 40 days, 4 hours & 52 minutes


Team Antigua Island Girls

41 days, 7 hours & 5 minutes


Ocean’s 4

43 days, 5 hours & 2 minutes

Pacific Floaters

43 days, 5 hours & 34 minutes

Aloha Kai

45 days, 6 hours & 17 minutes

Flyin’ Fish

World Record Fastest Five to Row the Mid-Pacific Ocean

51 days, 5 hours & 44 minutes

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