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Blog #6 - Update and Photos- April 18, 2023

Thought we would give you a bit of an update and show you some recent photos. 

January 21-22, 2023
Owen and Jayme finish mandatory training hours and drills in the San Francisco Bay 


Man Overboard Drill-  Brrr!!!

February 8-9, 2023
Owen does solo row from Santa Cruz to Monterey.  Due to the storms and the shoaling in Santa Cruz, the exit was a bit nerve wracking, but Owen safely managed. It was a tough row and Owen was on para anchor for more than 7 hours, but safely arrived in Monterey where Marianne and trailer were waiting.   Owen and Jayme will return to Monterey in June for preparations and launch on June 12!

Sunset in Monterey Bay.JPEG

March 15-17, 2023
Owen drives over Sierra Nevada mountains hours after chain control is released on highway 80 to do an overnight row from Safe Harbor Marinas- Loch Lomond.  Always learning new things about Lily (boat), gear, food and himself! 


April 15, 2023
Owen finally gets a spring day to row on Lake Tahoe.  Lessons learned-- Don't forget your hat and definitely needs to clean the water maker after 1 month of SF Bay water in the system.  Tough launch at Cave Rock with no motor and 9 foot oars, but the views were worth it!

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