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Blog #7 - Update and Photos- May 29, 2023

2 weeks until Race Start... Here are some highlights of the past 6 weeks of preparations 

April 20-24
Owen does a solo row from Newport Beach to Oceanside! Thanks to Kathleen for always helping and hosting at the finish! Nice to enjoy the So Cal weather after a long winter in Reno.


May 22, 2023
Marianne finally gets on the water.  3 hour cruise on Lake Tahoe (with a cocktail!). Marianne did actually row and the autohelms got calibrated. An amazing spring day on the Lake!


April- May- Food, Boat and Navigation Prep


Just the snacks--- each day is about 4000 calories

Marianne recruits Silvia to help package 192 ziplocks of muscle milk and then later pack 65 snack bags with 16 snack items each!  It takes a village.  Thanks Silvia!


52 days of meals- totaling about 2,000 calories per day-- consists of 3 freeze dried meals, oatmeal and muesli and instant coffee

public (1).jpeg
475,000 calories ready for transport
Cleaning the hull, next step 3 coats of speed lube!
Trying to dry out the cushions between spring rain and thunderstorms

Marianne gets a heads up this time on navigation and gets background on previous routes. 
Cleaning the hull, next step 3 coats of speed lube!

May 29, 2023- Memorial Day
St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral   Reno, NV

Father Chuck blesses Lily, Owen and Jayme (in absentia) after the Memorial Day mass.  We were joined by interested parishioners who will be praying for Owen and Jayme's safe crossing. 

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